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Overfilled skip bins that require unloading to be in transport safety guidelines will be at the hirers cost.

Driver may unload excess waste at the time and leave on hirers’ property, without hirers consent and $50.00 fee may be charged (for putting driver behind schedule).

Skip bins are to be filled only to the top of the bin.

However if you are filling your skip and realize there is not enough room you may need to hire another bin instead of overfilling.

In this instance please call us we would gladly hire another skip (0408 094 484)

It is very important that hirer understands that it is illegal for driver to drive a truck with an overfilled bin this will be putting public and transport at risk.

(HIRE IS FOR 5-7 DAYS) If hirer is wanting it collected early than this needs to be discussed with driver as he is on a tight schedule and will only be able to collect skip earlier if he has the time, if not customer is to wait the full 7 days



When bins are dropped off customer needs to be specific where they want bin placed otherwise driver will just place it in the most convenient/safe place. If customer orders skip and tells driver where they want it placed it is up to driver discretion as to where bin will be placed for several reasons (skips that can be place anywhere empty, may not be able to be lifted in same position) Bins must all be placed on a solid surface in order for skip to be collected. Any hirer that has made wrong decision on where skip has been placed will be charged a call out fee of $50.00 for driver to come back and reposition skip again to driver’s discretion. Any damages done to the truck in the process will be at hirers cost.

Bins are strictly no to be moved from where they have been placed for several reasons.

Example: If moved and placed in a corner when driver returns for pick up the handles for lifting bin may not be accessible. And also truck may not be able to reverse into where bin has been placed.

There for driver has no means of turning skip in order to take it.

Which will also put driver behind schedule and fees will be charged a call-out fee of $50.



When ordering a bin driver will always ask specifically what is going to be put in your bin reason being if truck can handle weight that is going to be placed in bin.

However if customer has been instructed not to put excess weight in bin when driver returns for pick up if skip is not able to be lifted customer will be charged a callout fee of $50.00 and driver will then reschedule pick up and in that time customer is to off load excess weight before driver returns.

However if the skip that was meant to be picked up was already ordered for another customer you will be charged an extended hire charge for the time you are off loading excess weight of $100.00

If excess is not off loaded within 3 days Century Bins will hire another skip company with a bigger truck to pick up, dispose of waste and return to depot at hirers cost which normally is the price of hiring skip again so please be aware and comply with our rules.

(The truck cannot lift anything from 5- 6 cube full of sand however if 5-6 cubes are hired and customer fails to comply with drivers instructions above fees will be charged)



We strictly do not take asbestos in any way shape or form. Customer will most definitely be charged fees. Any fines, fees charged by landfill to Century Bins for any trace of asbestos in skip will be forwarded on to customer and will also be charged a $500.00 fee on top of landfill fine by Century Bins. Reason being landfill may restrict Century Bins of future entry.

So please customers please be aware there are companies that do pick up and dispose of asbestos you need to contact them. Handling asbestos is a major health hazard and must be handled by a professional.

Any damage or loss to the skip whilst on customers property customer will be liable for whether its paint, graffiti, holes, dents etc.

Customers will all be asked what is going into their skip due to certain landfills only taking particular items however if driver drives to a certain tip and is found that contents of skip is not as customer has advised customer will be charged excess fee of what landfill has charged.

Also other items that are not allowed, such as tires, asbestos – if they are found hidden in skip, the customer will be charged excess what landfill has charged.



Our hire for skip is 5-7 days customer will be advised of when skip will be picked up however if driver arrives and access to skip is blocked for example car, trailer, bike etc. the customer will be charged a call-out fee so please be aware that any items must be out of way of skip in order for it to be collected

When skip is delivered it must be placed on a hard surface concrete driveway etc. when there are instances where the skip can only be placed on sand it will be at hirers risk as when driver comes back to take skip he may be unable to lift bin due to truck stabilisers sinking into the sand due to excess weight the only option the driver has then is to tip contents on property in order to get truck out, the driver will then contact customer to make other arrangements and these arrangements will be at hirers cost. So please when hiring a skip please be sure that you do have a hard surface for skip to be placed as these problems can put driver behind schedule and fees will be charged.



When a bin is placed on a property it must be placed where there are no council restrictions any fines charged to Century Bins will be forwarded to customer.

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When it comes to hiring skips in Perth, Century Bins has everything you need, with same-day delivery of skips also available for added convenience. Whether you need one skip or multiple skips, we’ll provide what you need for an affordable price and will ensure that your rubbish is removed quickly and safely.